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Hand-Crafted Tools To Stretch Your Sound
Artists & Links
Basses, Chapman Stick. (King Crimson, Stick Men, Peter Gabriel, The Crimson ProjeKCt, David Bowie, AWBH, John Lennon, Paul Simon and many more)
Tony Levin
Pat Mastelotto
Drums- Acoustic and Electronic. (King Crimson, Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKCt, Mr Mister, XTC, TU, Tuner, and many more).
Markus Reuter
Touch Guitar, Composer, Producer, Touch Guitar Designer. (Stick Men, The Crimson ProjeKCt, Centrozoon, and more)
Adrian Belew
Guitar, Multi-instrumentalist. ( Solo, King Crimson, Zappa, Bowie, Talking Heads, The Crimson ProjeKCt, NIN, and more).
Julie Slick
Basses. (Adrian Belew Power Trio, The Crimson ProjeKCt, Echo Test, Paper Cat, and more).
Marco Machera
Bass, Multi-instrumentalist. (Echo Test, Solo, more)
Denis Rodier
Drums, Artist, Illustration, Design. (Specimen 13 band, Marvel, DC, Album Covers, and much more).
Terry Bozzio
Drums. (Solo, Zappa, UK, Missing Persons, Polytown, Jeff Beck, Brecker Brothers, and many more).
Merlin Ettore
Hybrid Artist, Acoustic & Electronic drums, Electronics. (Various Musical Projects)!
Trey Gunn
Warr Touch Guitar. (King Crimson, The Securty Project, TU, Solo, Fripp, Music Coach, many more).
David Torn
Guitar, Textures, Composer. (Japan, Polytown, Jeff Beck, Laurie Anderson and many more).
Adrian Utley
Guitar. (Portishead)
Michael Bernier
Chapman Stick, Multi-instrumentalist. (Stick Men, Solo, Music Instructor, and more)
Tobias Ralph
Drums. (Adrian Belew Power Trio, The Crimson ProjeKCt, Nena, Medicine Stick and many more)
Francesco Zago
Guitarist, Composer Producer. (Red Rex, Not A Good Sign, and more).
Paul Bielatowicz
Guitarist. (Carl Palmer Band, Neal Morse, Solo, and more).
Matt Tate
Chapman Stick, Touch Guitar, Guitar, Instructor. ( Solo, Pavlov, Destroyer Or Liberator, and more)
David M. Patterson
Guitarist, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer. (Shawn Mullins, Turbid Blue, Stacie Rose, Kirsten Thien , Nadia Ackerman, Halley Devestern Band, solo and more).
Eraldo Bernocchi
Guitarist, Composer, Producer. (Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood, Bill Laswell,and more)
Adrian Benavides
Musician, Producer, Tech, Programmer. ( Solo, Lee Fletcher, Centrozoon, 3 Doors Down, Specimen 13, Stick Men, Superbowl, and many more).
Infinite Capture Studios
Great Video Production in New York and beyond
Andrews Amp Lab / Andrews Amps
Excellent Hand-Wired Guitar Amps & Tube-Type Guitar Amp Service
Avraham Bank
Fantastic Photographer, (Music, Sports, Nature, Events, Family, etc)
Mark Giles
Art Direction, Illustration, Animation, Multi-Instrumentalist
Griffin Mastering
Mastering & Music Production in Atlanta and Beyond
Mad Ducks Records
Cool Indie Record Label out of Austin TX
Music Masters Camps at Full Moon Resort
Amazing Music Camps At A Wonderful Location
Touch Guitars
Wonderful, High Quality Touch-Style Guitars
Victor Sågfors
Guitarist, Composer. (Victor Sågfors Band, Hipster Slayer, Opus Symbiosis)
Joel Gilardini
Guitar, Touch Guitar, Programing. (The Land Of The Snow)
David Kollar
(Guitarist, composer. (KOMARA, The Blessed Beat, Flim scores, more)
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